plagdichnicht, 2003Hot Gameboy Music
plagdichnicht, 2003

ltd.ed., 2007gameboymusicclub vol.2
ltd.ed., 2007

klanggalerie, 2010Neonbeat (Sampler)
klanggalerie, 2010

Wanna hld yr handheld, 2011Wanna hld yr handheld (Sampler)
8bit operators, 2011

Various Art- and Electronic-Music Festivals, ie. Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), Moving Patterns (Bucharest – New York – Vienna), Micromusic Festival (Vienna -Budapest), Digital Analog Festival (Munich), 21st Century Art Practices (Kunsthaus Graz), Kulturlabor Stromboli (Hall, Tirol) Serata Futurista (Vienna), Supermarit (Visby, Sweden)

Gameboymusicclub – initiated in 2002 by Wolfgang Kopper and Herbert Weixelbaum – is the largest and sexiest gamboymusic-collective in the world.

A toy from the early eighties is put in the spotlight, and acts as a medium of simplification. Looking into the eye of pop-stardom’s dazzling spotlight, the operating amateur stands in the focus of attention and overrides popular structures and stereotypes.

Our gears are not just chip tunes, but also cheap tunes – a fascination of an inexpensive electronic toy, used as a musical instrument, and the associated focus on the essential. Our members are musicians and amateurs of different ages and sexes,playing on gameboys in many different colors (white, yellow, red, pink, blue, black, green, grey, silver-metallic) and sizes, using the programs nanoloop, lsdj and Korg DS-10.

Another intention of the project is creating easy access and understanding of contemporary music – to accomplish that we organize workshops for the interested fans. Hot Gameboymusicclub is also the name of our monthly club – an event at the “rhiz bar modern” in Vienna – a platform for us, guest musicians, djs and vjs to perform and experiment.

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